Spectra Joins Salvation Army Kettle kickoff at Kearny NJ Town Hall

Spectra Colors helped the Salvation Army with their Kettle kickoff on November 7th, 2011.

Featured in the photographs are:
Major Alberto Suarez
Major Brenda Suarez
Alexis Capik of Spectra Colors
Board Members of the Salvation Army.

Spectra Colors Corporation exhibits at SCC California 2011

The California Chapter Suppliers’ Day has over 300 booths with global exhibitors to present new innovative beauty solutions. This highly anticipated biennial West Coast show is a must attend, and successful event.

Two days of networking to meet with the most innovative R&D Chemists, formulators, entrepreneurs, executives, manufacturers, retailers and distributors.Supplier’s Day is a beneficial vehicle to maximize visibility, display what sets you apart, and ensuring your product is part of what’s next.

Are you looking for a product for your Water Treatment System?

Spectra Colors Corp is proud to carry the cleanest 1, 3, 6, 8-PYRENE TETRA SULFONIC ACID TETRA SODIUM SALT (PTSA) there is on the market today. Our PTSA can be easily incorporated in your Water Treatment Systems without concerns of residues found in similar products on the market today.

News Release: Mr. Raymond E. McCreary, Chief Operating Officer

Please allow me to introduce you to Mr. Raymond E. McCreary our new COO; he will be assisting us in getting to the next level. Ray will report to me.

Ray was in transition after the sale of the company he founded, Paragon Household Products. Ray built this company from the ground up for 14 years, created a nationally recognized brand for a moth ball product, and more importantly developed the lowest cost manufacturing capability for this product, globally. Ray’s time with Paragon yielded many specific and important skills. He built a team with good capabilities, he developed an expertise in environmental related manufacturing regulations, and he understands the lifecycle of a company. Prior to founding Paragon, Ray was with many leading multinational companies throughout his career, where he held leading roles within Operations, Finance, Joint Venture Management, and Capital Planning, achieving increasing responsibility with each role.

Ray is a determined and highly motivated individual. His passion for business comes through upon meeting him, he asks good and insightful questions and extremely prepared. In fact, before interviewing for the job he completed preliminary research on Spectra’s products, trying to better understand where expansion efforts should focus to get Spectra to the next level of sales growth. Ray has a deep level of intellectual capacity, have taken on important roles throughout his career, never having to “look” for a position, he was always referred and recommended. Because of his depth of experience Ray has developed a keen sense of businesses and products from the ground up, largely due to his deep and strong finance background. After the sale of Paragon, he remains interested in continuing to pursue employment due largely to his passion for building products, and companies.

If you have any questions, Ray will be more than happy to answer them. His e-mail is R.McCreary@SpectrColors.com.

Spectra Colors Corp Selected For Hispanic Business "50 Top Exporters"

Spectra Colors Corp Selected For “50 Top Exporters”

Spectra Colors Corp of Kearny, NJ has been honored with a recognition by Hispanic Business Magazine in its selection of “50 Top Exporters.”
Announcing a special recognition appearing in the July, 2011 issue of Hispanic Business Magazine published by Hispanic Business Inc.. Spectra Colors Corp was selected for the following honor:
“50 Top Exporters”
For more information on Spectra Colors Corp, located in Kearny, NJ please call 201-997-0606.