Spectra Colors Corp. offers technical services to our customers in order to facilitate all your coloring needs.

Technical Support

At Spectra Colors Corp, we value your business. Our Technical Support team will work with you to determine which Spectra product will work best in your application.

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Color Matching

As a service to our customers, Spectra Colors offers matching and blending for specific applications to simplify your coloring needs. Our technical department is ready to help our customers meet all their coloring requirements

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Color Repackaging

Spectra Colors provides custom packing for dyes in any size container as per the specifications of our clients. This allows our customer to have the quantity of the product they need without excess or a shortage.

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Technical School

Spectra offers a day in our Laboratory providing our customers with a basic training of dye technologies and a tour of our facilities. All current Spectra customers are encouraged to attend.

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