SpectrAgro Colorants for Agriculture

Colorants used in agricultural applications.

Spectra Colors Corporation offers a full line of specialized dyes and pigments for seed coatings, crop protection, fertilizers, landscaping, ice-melt/de-icing, turf and pond, landscaping/mulch, and other agricultural uses for brand identification or differentiation to avoid application errors.

  • Compliant with 40 CFR part 180 regulations for seed treatment applications required by the EPA for pesticides, pre- and post-harvest.
  • FDA certified dyes for antimicrobial formulations used on food contact surfaces.
  • Non-staining dyes: SPECTRA RINSE ® Products – Patented Technology.
  • Dry pigments and pigment preparations.
  • Expert color matching and customized color formulations.

SPECTRA RINSE ® DYES are non-staining polymeric liquid dye products. They are non-toxic, environmentally friendly and highly Rinsable/Washable from skin and most fabrics and will offer deeper saturated shades of color for today’s market demands.

Technical Specifications:

  • Water Soluble: Glycol and Alcohol miscible
  • Functional in pH environments – Range from 1-10

SPECTRA RINSE products can be compatible with fertilizers and other agricultural compounds as well as most cationic, anionic, non-ionic and quaternary systems.


  • European REACH Compliant.
  • Low Heavy Metal Content: Compliant with EN 71 part 3 and 9.
  • Non Toxic/Non Irritating as per DUKE University: Toxic Risk Assessment Report.
  • TSCA Compliant.

Tractor applying chemicals to green field  Golf Course

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