Dyes for Wood Stains

Spectra Dyes for Wood Stains


spirit soluble dyes exhibit excellent alcohol compatibility. they are also soluble in solvents such as MEK, acetone, glycols and cellosolve. Similar to the water-soluble dyes mentioned, you can premix the alcohol with the solvent and then add the dye, or the dye can be added to the alcohol, finishing with your desired amount of solvents. These dyes can tolerate a small amount of solvent such as hydrocarbons. However, keep this amount to less than 10% of the finished volume. Use high speed mixing equipment to achieve a successful homogenous stain solution. These spirit-soluble dyes are compatible with spirit-soluble lacquers.


water soluble dyes exhibit excellent water compatibility in a wide range of proportions. in addition they tolerate appreciable amounts of alcohols and glycols. It is recommended to premix the water with alcohol with alcohol or glycol, and then introduce the dye. Or you can mix the water and dye first and then slowly introduce the alcohol. Use high speed mixing equipment to prevent the dye from having any prolonged contact with high concentrations of alcohols. These dyes will not tolerate non-polar solvents such as hydrocarbons at any proportion. These water-soluble dyes are compatible with water-based lacquers.

Finally as a precaution we always recommend that these dye solutions be filtered at the time of production or before use.

Spectra oil

dyes are extremely compatible in mineral spirits at any proportion. These dyes will tolerate some amount of alcohol, mildly polar spirits such as butanol and pentanol and their ethers. Use high speed mixing equipment to achieve a successful homogeneous stain solution. These dyes will not tolerate water at any level.

Light stability

Like other properties light fastness depends on:

  • Type of Binder
  • Film thickness
  • Concentration of Colorant
  • Reflectivity of the Substrate
  • Special Distribution of the Light Source
  • Temperature and Humidity
  • Length of Time Exposed

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