Food dyes and lakes

Dyes and Lakes

US FDA Certified Dyes for Food, Drug and Cosmetic Applications

Since the early stages of the processing industries, food coloring has been a standard practice. Not only was it advantageous to replenish color lost during processing, but it also gave new appeal to products lacking natural color, such as soft drinks, dessert powders, confectioneries, pharmaceuticals, etc. In essence, colors give food the appeal we as consumers are looking for.

In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) controls the specifications for food, drug and cosmetic colors. All batches of artificial food colors used in the USA or in products imported into the USA should be certified by the FDA as FD&C quality. All of Spectra Colors Corp’s FD&C and D&C dye products are FDA certified.

Most countries have their own list of permitted food colors, some of which follow FDA regulations. However, if these food colors will be involved in an application outside of the USA, we suggest you consult with the respective health and regulatory agencies in that country to assure compliance.

If you are looking for a specific certified color that is not shown please contact a Spectra Colors Corp. representative and he/she will help you with your inquiry.

All of our Food, Drug and Cosmetic colors are available as powders. Powder is the most popular form for the food industry. Specific colors are also available in liquid and granular form. These versions offer ease of handling in the processing area. Please refer to the color charts and/or a Spectra Colors Corp. representative if you have a specific request.

All FD&C colors most D&C colors are available in lake form, where permissible by the FDA.

Special custom blending is also available for your application.

Iron Oxides

Spectra Colors Corp.  offers Iron Oxides as well. Iron Oxides used in cosmetic products is an inorganic compound consisting of any one or combinations of synthetically prepared iron oxides that includes hydrated forms of iron oxides.  In cosmetics and personal care products, Iron Oxides are used in the formulation of a wide variety of product types, including makeup and skin care preparations.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) lists Iron Oxides as a color additive exempt from certification.  Iron Oxides are safe for use in coloring products, including cosmetics and personal care products applied to the lips, and the area of the eye, provided they meet certain specifications.

Global Pigments for Cosmetics

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