Spectra promotes Peter A. Caputo

Peter A. Caputo is being promoted to Product Manager, a job he has been fulfilling for the last few months without the recognition.

His responsibilities will include new product set up and communicating to our sales force and Spectra’s customers, Technical writing and act as a liaison between sales, production and laboratory.

Other responsibilities
..Product safety reporting
..Regulatory compliance

Excellence in Customer Service in 03 from Sanford

On October 8th Spectra Colors Corp was honored in front of leading USA and off shore suppliers by one of its valued customers, Sanford Corporation and presented an award for “Excellence in Customer Service” for 2003.

Spectra was chosen for this prestigious award from a field of over 3000 active Sanford suppliers. According to Sanford, Spectra was chosen as “one of the best of the best”.

This award would not have been possible if not for the efforts and dedication of every single Spectra Colors Corp employee. It is the philosophy of the company and its employees to provide our entire customer base with exceptional service, products, and value. In a time when many companies are cutting back, Spectra Colors Corp is pushing ahead with the introduction of new products and services for the color industry.

Spectra Colors Corp looks forward to raising the bar in “Excellence in Customer Service” in 2004 and beyond. The next time your company needs a supplier that can handle the complex issues of today’s complex supply chain needs, call Spectra Colors Corp. “You’ll Know Us By Our Colors”.