Pigments for Ink Jet Inks SPECTRAFAST P.I.J. LIQ – Technical Data




SPECTRAFAST P.I.J. LIQ’s are sub-micron particle size ink jet colorants developed by a proprietary stabilization technique, maximizing the adherence of colorant onto photographic substrates resulting in improved wet smear resistance. They also deliver high-quality results for today’s demanding ink jet properties and stringent criteria, such as enhanced color, stability, durability, ink formulation flexibility and high print quality.

These attributes have been achieved by incorporating a unique surface chemistry technique allowing for other favorable properties such as:

  • Increased Optical Density
  • Excellent Lightfastness
  • Improved Wet Smear Resistance on Photographic Substrates
  • Sharp Resolution in printed images
  • Less Color Bleeding
  • High levels of Formulation Flexibility
  • Improved Chroma

As new types of photographic and specialty ink jet substrates continue to enter the market, SPECTRAFAST P.I.J. colorants will perform brilliantly, offering new possibilities for ink jet formulations of all kinds.

Suggested  levels of colorant;