Peter Caputo, Tech Service Rep / Safety Coodinator

Peter A. Caputo, Technical Service Representative / Safety Coordinator

Peter has eighteen years in the inks and colorants industries, where he has performed multiple tasks including ink formulating, organic synthesis, color matching, Q.C. supervision, technical sales, and technical support.  Among his accomplishments, he has achieved six U.S. patents for dye related products and processes.  He has authored publications in the Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc. and been directly involved with ISO 9001 compliance and auditing. He has been trained in TQM, SPC and DOE and has received awards for quality improvements.  Peter is presently enrolled at Kean University of New Jersey in their Chemistry Department.

As Technical Service Representative / Safety Coordinator, Peter continues to utilize his experiences at Spectra Colors, a company committed to providing the very best in service and support to the candle industry as well as all other color related industries.  He has most recently assumed responsibilities involving the maintaining of OSHA, EPA and all regulatory compliances.