Spectra Colors' New Website

All you want to know about the new look and feel of spectracolors.com
and the technology behind it.

Recently, Spectra Colors Corporation contracted Feenyx.com Incorporated to design and develop its new website. You will notice that in addition to a new look and feel there is a lot of new functionality.

One of the main advantages of the site is the ease with which
users can obtain Point of Contact (POC) information on Spectra employees. In the new employees contact section a list of all employees’ names, phone numbers, and other pertinent data is available.  In order to make things easier, one need only click a button and all POC information is downloaded into an address book.

Suppose you want to find a contact but have forgotten their correct spelling of the name.  Spectra now allows you to search on the portion of the name you know.  Perhaps, you want to search by country or department – you may now do so.

As always, we would love to hear your feedback and welcome any
suggestions.  If need be, please contact the appropriate personnel.