Deborah D. Morgan has joined Spectra as an Account Manager


Due to continued growth and commitment to our customers and the industries we serve, Spectra Colors Corp – Kearny, NJ, is pleased to announce Ms. Deborah D. Morgan has joined the company as an Account Manager within the Ohio Valley Region. Ms. Morgan has spent the last 9 years working in advancing positions within the specialty colorants and chemicals industry. In her new position she will be focusing her responsibilities on promoting and generating sales in Food, Drug, Cosmetic, Inks, HI&I and Specialty Colorants market segments.  Ms. Morgan, along with her husband John, will reside in the Detroit, MI area.

Contact info: c: (248) 229-3079, e:

or Spectra Colors Corp., 25 Rizzolo Road, Kearny, NJ 07032 USA @             800 527 1811


Pigments for Ink Jet Inks SPECTRAFAST P.I.J. LIQ – Technical Data




SPECTRAFAST P.I.J. LIQ’s are sub-micron particle size ink jet colorants developed by a proprietary stabilization technique, maximizing the adherence of colorant onto photographic substrates resulting in improved wet smear resistance. They also deliver high-quality results for today’s demanding ink jet properties and stringent criteria, such as enhanced color, stability, durability, ink formulation flexibility and high print quality.

These attributes have been achieved by incorporating a unique surface chemistry technique allowing for other favorable properties such as:

  • Increased Optical Density
  • Excellent Lightfastness
  • Improved Wet Smear Resistance on Photographic Substrates
  • Sharp Resolution in printed images
  • Less Color Bleeding
  • High levels of Formulation Flexibility
  • Improved Chroma

As new types of photographic and specialty ink jet substrates continue to enter the market, SPECTRAFAST P.I.J. colorants will perform brilliantly, offering new possibilities for ink jet formulations of all kinds.

Suggested  levels of colorant;

A valentine for Spectra by Veronica Figueroa

Friendship and love are delicate words.
Yet they are a bond that holds my Spectra
Colors co-workers together.

Friendship and love are delicate words.
Yet they are a bond that holds my Spectra
Colors co-workers together.

Through long days and grueling nights
so that we can make the world so bright. We
bring vivid colors to food and clothing, but
most of all, vivid colors to each other.

We have a friendship which brings me to tears,
we love our jobs; we love each other.
I’m so glad we have each other.
Our future is bright with colors
And our friendship and love glues it together.


Veronica Figueroa

to Spectra with lots of love.