EMERALD is the color of year for 2013

EMERALD is the color of year for 2013.
Spectra Colors can make any green for your application.Emerald Cut Stone

Spectra celebrates their 25th Anniversary

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Chris Almonte visits Southeast Asia with the Trade Winds Mission with the US Department of Commerce

During a trip to Southeast Asia with the Department of Commerce, Chris visited with potential distributors for the region. He met with such companies as Intergoods Co Ltd, South City Pterochem, Behn Meyer Co Ltd, and Centasia Co Ltd. Chris is currently working on development plans for these potentials to create a local presence for Spectra in Southeast Asia.

In Kuala Lampur, Chris met with the Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade, Francisco Sanchez.

Spectra Colors Corp Selected For "Top 500 Hispanic Businesses"

Spectra Colors Corp of Kearny, NJ has been honored with a recognition by Hispanicbusiness.com in its selection of “Top 500 Hispanic Businesses” at position number 362.

Nickelfish wins NJAD Club Award for Spectra Colors 2012 Calendar – Pictures