Spectra Colors 2002 Calendar production begins

Brenda Ramirez, Manager, International Sales, and Carol Dix, Manager, Technical Sales will coordinate the production of our 2002 Spectra Calendar.

Brenda and Carol were the winners of a contest asking for the best ideas on the theme and format for our calendar.  Spectra personnel submitted many ideas in the last few weeks.  The winners were voted on by our personnel as an over whelming favorite.

These are the winning ideas as presented:
From: Carol Dix, —>  My customers really like our calendars.  For something a little different, I thought having each month the focus of one color.  One month could be yellow with pictures of yellow ink, markers, crayons, candles, paper, etc.  That would really emphasize color.  Color suggestions: pink, red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, purple, fuchsia, brown, gray, black.

From: Brenda, —>  Since I am into motivational quotes, I think it could be a nice idea to have one color featured each month (a color that would correspond to the season) like Carol suggested, with a motivational quote that features each color.

These appointments will assure Spectra of having the best calendar ever.