July,2001 Ink Maker Magazine features our web site

July 2001 Issue of Ink Maker Magazine features our web site.

When Spectra Colors Corp. President Luis Marrero established the company’s web site, he kept it simple. “We were just offering information to our customers,” he said. “They can retrieve details and technical data.”

Spectra Colors Corp., based in Kearney, NJ, is an international supplier of colorants, dyestuffs for use in manufacturing inks, coatings and stains, among other products. Marrero has made it easier for the customers and visitors to get responses from the company via the web site.

Contact information can be found in its Address, Email, Phone and Fax links. If you mouse over one of them, the information will scroll down beneath the chosen item. Address lists where the corporate office is located, and Email shows the email address. Phone and Fax show the telephone and fax numbers, respectively, for both U.S. and international customers. Under Email, you can send a message to the company.

The Products and Services links allows you to download Technical Data Specifications, Work Order Sheets, the Company Directory and Color Match Forms (available in English and Spanish). The company can match a color for you simply by filling out an online order form. The Contact link has a list of employees you can reach by phone or email. You can also search by department to find the right contact and you can download the employee’s contact information into .msg format as a Microsoft Outlook Contact file.

Marrero said he plans to add more designs and more content. “We’re going to add a couple of more features. It will actually be easier for our customers to reference information with crosslinks and they’ll be able to search through the web site by product, by category, etc.”
Future plans for the site include an online tracking/ordering system, where customers can order products online and check up on the status of these orders.

To visit this web site, log on to www.SpectraColors.com.